Custom Outdoor Fireplace
Custom Stone Fireplace with wood boxes on the side of it.
Custom Pizza Oven


Assembly is as simple as 1-2-3:

1. Pick your location and prepare a solid base

2. Select and match the different frame pieces with the help of illustrated instructions

3. Arrange and assemble frames & set in place

It’s that easy! Assemble your new Galvlock U-Connect-It System Outdoor Custom Kitchen, Grill Island, Pizza Oven, Bar Island, and admire your handiwork!

Optional features include: back splash, bar top over hang, foot rest, 45 degree corners, diagonal corners, rounded corners, linear fire tables, round fire tables, and more…


Outdoor Grill Islands and Pizza Stands

Outdoor Custom Kitchens Galvlock U-Connect-It System pizza oven and grill island frame kits are simple, fast and easy to place and is an essential addition to any outdoor landscape feature for the ultimate grilling experience! The pizza stands and grill islands comes in a choice of various sizes and can feature a Canadian-made built-in by Napoleon grill head, or an Authentic Forno-Bravo wood fired pizza oven.